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jason1637 said:
Jenea1992 said:
PS4 ----------- 250,000 --- 2 days
Xbox One ------ 150,000 --- 2 days
Switch -------- 80,000 ---- 2 days
Xbox One X ---- 80,000 ---- 5 days
PS4 Pro ------- 50,000 ---- 3 days
* hardware figures are up-weighted 20%
** stock shortages of both PS4 Pro and Switch will have impacted the performance of those machines

Doesn't the 1X also have stock issues in the UK?

From the bigger retailers Amazon sold out on launch day and got restocked on the 12th,Argos sold out before launch and just got restocked for online delivery and Tesco sold out at launch and got stock due on 16th, Smyths were taking orders but not for release and to be fulfilled by 19th November, Brick and mortar GAME stores have had no stock (in my area and parents anyway) but they have kept just online stock available for purchase.