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So I am strongly considering buying a Nintendo Switch by the end of the year. As the title states, it would mark the first time I ever bought a Nintendo home console (only Nintendo system I’ve owned was the original game boy). I owned the Sega Genesis, PS1, then the Dreamcast. Skipped the ps2/Xbox gen, then got back into games with ps3, and currently I have a PS4 and an XBO.

I considered getting a Wii U a few years ago, but I ultimately decided against bc the console itself did not seem great (good decision I think). But the Switch seems really sweet, and I’m tired of hearing all the damn hype surrounding so many of Nintendo’s exclusives! :) So...I have a few questions, if anyone is willing to answer.

1. Should I buy a Switch now, or wait for a deal on BF or closer to Christmas? I feel like Nintendo doesn’t often do major discounts or bundles. So would I get the same deal now as I would during BF/the holidays?

2. I realllly would like to play the old Super Mario Galaxy games. Can I buy these and other prior-gen Nintendo games digitally on the Switch/Nintendo store? Or is the Switch BC?

3. Will I be able to enjoy Zelda BotW if I’ve never played a Zelda game before?

4. Is there any peripheral or anything else I have to buy other than what comes with the Switch? I’ve heard people talk about some alternate controller? Not sure what that’s about...

Sorry I know so little about Nintendo/the Switch. But thank you in advance for any and all answers! :) And any other tips or useful info you want to share is welcome as well!

Last edited by pitzy272 - on 18 December 2017