think-man said:
brute said:
Why are people so happy that digital is taking over? Physical has more benefits than digital
Anyways not to go off topic. Nice for CoD but Im still fatigued from the series.

I agree, once we a full digital then we are really at the mercy of the distributors. 

Right now you have an unnecessary added cost to all games that should not exist in a digital world. There's no reason for resellers to take a cut of your money simply for transporting and holding some piece of plastic on a warehouse somewhere.

I would agree that there should be a way to resell digital a game license, and that's the only thing keeping digital back at the moment.

But in general, when I pay $60 for a game I love, I want as much as possible of that money to go to the people that made that experience possible. Developer (those who actually made the game), publisher (those who financed the project upfront) and platform holder (those who created the hardware the allows for the experience to exist).