RenCutypoison said:
KBG29 said:

I would love to see that. I have only used the disk drive in my PS4's to see if they work. I am all digital on every medium. A cheaper, slimmer, quiter digital only PS4 Pro would be an great reason to retire the day one edition to the bedroom.

There is definitly a risk in even releasing both a digital only and physical media based console next gen. The safest bet is to stick with a physical device at launch. Even if physical is only 20 - 30% of game sales, those will most likely be sales to the core gamers, and they can tear a company down if they don't get what they want. See PS3, PS Vita, and XBO for examples.

Agreed. And I do love my physical games every once in a while, even if it's only about 20% of my collection. As Setsuna puts it, dual SKUs solution are a way safer bet.

setsunatenshi said:

That's exactly what I want... the correct way to make this transition is not to go all in 1 way or the other. Provide 2 different SKUs. 1 ready for physical media, 1 for digital only. Either for a lower price, or just with bigger disk space (maybe SSD) at the same price.

I've gone 100% digital this gen and I'm not going back, so the bluray drive for me is just a paperweight.

The dual SKU solution seems to be the best indeed. However, releasing a digital only console with a SSD would be lethal, I mean I don't even play that much anymore (job + night classes hell) and my PS4 1TB HDD is still always full.

True, but even if the SDD was only for the OS and a few crucial apps, that would help already. Also, looking at the future PS5, prices of storage will keep coming down (though as we've seen on the X1X the storage needed for games will definitely go up to offset), so we need to find a happy medium here.

Nothing wrong with opening the system to external storage and a fast connection for data transfer :)

Main point... ditch the optical drive for people like me :)