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hudsoniscool said:
NawaiNey said:

I think PS4 has been outselling XB1 by an even bigger margin in US this year.

According to Amazon just the Pro version alone has sold more than XB1S in 2017, which according to Sony makes up about 20% of the total PS4 sales. Son if just that 20% has sold more than all XB1S units in 2017 then that means PS4 has been outselling XB1S by ATLEAST 5:1 in 2017.

Is this a joke man lol. Cause I can play that game too. The pro as u say makes up 20% of PS4 sales. Project Scorpio edition is way ahead of it on the US AMAZON yearly charts. So by your own logic the Scorpio edition  has done around double what the pro has sold in the US. Guess it had done around 2 million sales then right lol.

Yes, it was a joke. inspired by xbox fans who were celebrating how Scorpio has outsold PS4 Pro because it was ahead of it on Amazon.

They didn't realize that it also meant that if Amazon rankings were correctly representing the numbers then it also means that XB1S couldn't have sold more than a few 100k units in all of 2017.