Bristow9091 said:

DonFerrari said: 

Xbox family biggest launch lineup...

It was a joke lol

I know, I done the same

hudsoniscool said:
I find it funny that that people dig at ms or underplay what they are doing with backwards compatibility. Ya this bundle is cool and their exclusives are great. But what ms are doing with bc should be applauded loudly. They r doing things for free that others would charge you for. It's truely 'for the player' move. Go look at knights of the old republic and oblivion upgrades... free.

Errrr PS3 and PS2 had it for free and it didn't gain sales. When they took out BC from PS3 to make it cheaper it sold more, when they released PS4 without it the sales weren't impacted... MS is doing it for free to try and gain goodwill and sales, it's a good move, but it isn't out of pure heart.

And the jokes about the BC is because they aren't offering new games.

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