Hey guys,

just a short overview:

amazon.com --> in stock November 12th

amazon.de --> in stock November 20th

amazon.fr --> in stock November 17th

amazon.co.uk --> in stock November 16th

amazon.it --> "currently not available"

amazon.es --> in stock November 28th

amazon.de/nederlands --> in stock November 20th

amazon.ca --> in stock, but exclusively for prime members


So, Microsoft needs to send their shipments asap to get ready for Black Friday 2017!


other retailers:

bestbuy.com --> sold out
microsoft.com --> ships November 30th
saturn.de --> ships in 11 to 12 days
medimarkt.de --> ships in 11 to 12 days
gamestop.de --> currently not available
gamestop.com --> in stock!
walmart.com --> in stock!


I am quite surprised that it sold out in Europe. If you want one in the US, you should find it at Walmart and Gamestop - at least online.

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