KManX89 said:

Whadd'ya know? Another day, another conning on campaign promises by our Narcissist-In-Chief. Remember when Trump said he was "going to fight for the little guy" in regards to his tax plan? Low and behold, his latest tax plan actually RAISES taxes on the poor and middle class while giving insane tax cuts to the rich (as usual per the GOP)! So much for Trump being the "working man's best friend", eh? LOL! This is what happens when you let a known con man run your country, it's "everybody's going to be covered" all over again.

Please explain how raising the level of zero tax to 24K, doubling the standard deduction for both single and married while lowering the majority of americans tax bracket from 15% to 12% is raising taxes? Also increasing the child tax credit from 1K to 1600 and adding a $300 per person credit per adult dependant is raising taxes? This will lower taxes for all true middle class people, not the BS ones that have a million dollar home and say they are middle class.