Snoopy said:
SpokenTruth said:
Must be hard living with just $6 million instead of $7 million on a $10 million income. Now way to hire anyone now. Time to move everything off shore.

The problem is if you tax the rich too much they would just leave which means we get nothing. A lot of companies move their company to Canada and other countries. 

Taxing the rich to death means they will leave and you'll miss them when they're gone. Besides, Government wastes a lot of money they could easily cut back on certain things.

Yea like the fucking military.  So much fucking waste in military but republicans give the military a blank check...  Amazing what 43 million dollar natural gas station in Afghanistan can do...  Where they had to spend most of the money converting vehicles to natural gas in order to use the damn thing...


But no let us just cut social programs in USA and let the military waste all the fucking money in the world.  I am so fucking proud of all the money wasted by our military.  If your against it then you are a fucking traitor and a pussy!