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RolStoppable said:
ChaosReich said:

Sales data is not an applicable argument for the legitamacy of said sales lol, you do get that right. I cant even.....actually, i have no idea how to even explain the obviousness of such flawed thinking.

I am not claiming that Nintendo games are bad, in fact mr. Weirdo fanboy kid, i think that A LOT of Nintendo games look fuckin amazing and fun. Yet my question still remained when considering the fact that games like Witcher 3 and Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn etc plummet in price while Nintendo games 5 years older stay at a steady $50.

Your Einstein answer was the all those games must pale in comparison when considering quality and all i have to say to that 10 year old boy response is "get the fuck outta here kid, there are jungle gyms filled with your deluded kind, go indoctrinate yourself there".

I suppose the truth hurts.

Every company would love to have their games stay at the original RRP for a long time, but they are usually forced to move into lower price brackets if they don't want to be completely forgotten. Maybe it helps if you think about games in two categories:

1. THE game to get.
2. Just another game.

A game that fits into category 1 can maintain a high price and high sales. Games of category 2 need to slash their prices to remain alive.

Nintendo just so happens to make more category 1 games than anybody else, so they can have both high software prices and high back catalogue sales.

I have so much to say against your dumbass but i can tell from people who have been here way longer then me that you are just generally stupid and ignorantly biased so i dont really care. You are not worth my unvaluable time.......thats sad but true. Get the fuck outta my thread, i love free speech but i hate stupidity so that completely rules you out.

If you feel so inclined ya faggot, make a thread about me in some weird "i am butthurt cause i think someone hates Nintendo" thread. I dont give a shit, just please get the hella outta my thread ya nutjob



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