For me it's not just Sony's output.

January alone is big for me,

NiNo Kuni II - NiNo Kuni I is spectacular. I wish I have the money to buy the CE.

MHW - I have played the MH on handhelds but I think this will be the first time I will play it extensively.
I saw the game on hand and I say I like it. The upgraded GFX is totally awesome. It's more open and the customization of the Character is top notch. Cannot wait to hunt.

Digimon Cyber Sleuth 2 is sugoi! Cyber Sleuth is already great. I have high hopes for the Sequel.


Shadow of Colossus - It's always a buy for me and the trailer. I am seeing is just an icing.

Then there's March one of my most anticipated games

Yakuza 6 - I love the freaking series. No other explanation needed.

First Party and 2nd party:

Detroit: Become human. I wasn't sold at first but the gameplay with Kara is so intense. I wish It's all about Kara TBH.

God of War - Not really a fan more of DMC guy but the gameplay is very solid now. I was sold with the combo of the shield and I hope you will have a lot of weapons not just Axe and Shield. I hope for certain creatures a specific weapons is effective.

Days Gone - I prefer it over Last of Us. Being more open is a plus. It means you have more freedom. I always dream of open world Zombie games with the likes of Days Gone. I hope they apply the State of Decay features like you build your own Camp and get supplies.

Concrete Genie - I love the art style. The type of game where I can enjoy with my GF. I show it to her and she loves it.

Ghost of Tsushima. I hope it will be release in 2018 but it seems unlikely. I think it will be in early 2019. Last of Us being a fall release.