S.T.A.G.E. said:

I think spiderman will be fully interactive, but has parts that feature QTE's because of the complexity of playing as a modern Spiderman. Most of the stuff they've shown us is near to cutscenes, so I need to see some free roam. Perhaps at PSX. Can't wait for all of them. 2018 couldnt come soon enough!

Fully interactive but feature QTE's? I mean technically QTE's are "interactive" but in the context of what I was saying that sentence almost doesn't make sense. 

I'm just more skepticle and pessimistic about games. Generally I don't "get hyped" for games. Even stuff like Odyssey had me at a semi-hyped level. So stuff like Spiderman, which is based around a character I don't have a bias towards in the first place, just looks kind of unimpressive. I loved the Batman Arkham games though, and hopefully Spiderman can get me to purchase it.