Pemalite said:
Playstation_awaiter said:

I was N.Domixis, permed because I joked about a convoluted way to make a new review site, lmao. I'll never understand why you two site hate each other. 

It's because they wed cabbages. The savages.

Mar1217 said:
If it's just to bring more political thread on this site with a huge left-leaning tendency, then we should tell them to calm down and this site is probably not the best suited for their taste.

It's a huge melting pot here, plenty of Centrist,Communist,Liberalist, etc ... (didn't see any anarchist though ...)

So you hate those with an opposing view then? ;)

FloatingWaffles said:

A lot of them are just going to call everyone over here a racist or nazi for disagreeing on which flavor of ice cream is the best or some dumb shit like that.

*Hands out tin foiled hats*

Not quite sure what that's supposed to mean, but all it took was looking into one big political-type thread, hell it didn't even need to be a big thread, on Neogaf to see how people reacted towards others with different views on things with those types of overreactions. I'm not saying all the users there did that, just that there were a lot of posts where a lot of them did act that way. It was that type of environment that was allowed on that site that made a lot of people dislike it. They just dogpiled onto anyone who thought differently in a lot of threads and called them stuff like that.

Again, I didn't even say I had a problem with any Neogaf members joining this site. I couldn't care less if they did, by all means anyone can join, but that absolutely was a common thing to happen on Neogaf.

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