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palou said:
Slarvax said:
Oh jesus.

... I'm still hesitating if I want to declare victory just yet, cause I don't fully trust Amazon, either. I mean, they also have Mario Kart above Zelda

Well Zelda Switch+Wii U is above MK8D, but for a single SKU we don't know yet there's no concrete number for both games other than monthly chart where MK8D Switch > Zelda BOTW Switch

Amazon is not really accurate indicator for a lot of games especially game on the platforms with good digital ratio, but for nintendo it's still relavant to see which game is selling better.

Zelda botw switch = 925k(1 month) switch hardware = 906k

MK8D = 550k(3 days) switch hardware = 1.18M

Mario Odyssey(3 days) = ???  switch hardware = over 2M