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Lonely_Dolphin said:
Shaunodon said:

104/108 is a bit more than just a majority, especially for a score that high.

And the point was that reviewers shouldn't be letting personal quirks define their review scores.

I have no idea where you even got that number from, certainly not from JRPGfan or me, yet you speak as if my initial post was responding to it. And uh yes that would clearly still count as majority...

So as I figured, your point has nothing to do with my post, great...

Your point about majority is semantics, and I added a 'just' to try and get past that, but you obviously ignored it.

What you said about reviewers giving a different score as long they provide valid points, is absolutely true. But if 3 reviewers are that far off from the other 100+, then their reviews would have to contain points so comprehensive, that it made the other 100+ reviewers seem like either inept monkeys, or completely paid-off shills.

None of those 3 reviews (most cetainly not Jim Sterling) were anywhere near that quality.

It's not difficult to see which side was driven by an agenda, or just totally incompetent.