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low paying job you love, obviously. Have talked to so many people who look back on their lives with a relatively high amount of disgust for having sat in an office they hated for 30 years. 

In the end the question is if you can support yourself and live somewhat comfortably. If you can live day to day really digging what you do and getting by well, maybe not saving up for gigantic hawaiian vacations, but just liking life in general- I'd say go with that.

Too many people work their whole life to get that big job that stresses their brain into mush, just so they can have a big house and a Mercedes and so they can pop out a lot of kids and pay for their colleges. Don't get me wrong- nothing wrong with that- but at some point I've noticed many people end up just sort of doing a large checklist because they feel it's expected of them.

obvs that applies more to someone who's an individual adult just doing what's best for themselves though. If someone has a kid, is newly married, or has to help other family members... that shakes up the decision making process. It's just quite obvious though that there are a lot of wealthy people out there who are very unhappy, and in the end simply making more money isn't necessarily a recipe to enjoying life. 

Maybe even the most logical scenario is to find some level of balance, not an extreme- a scenario where you're making a middle-class wage and SORT of like your job at times.

Most jobs probably aren't black and white though in terms being all good or all bad