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If you cant make a living with the "low-paying job you love", then the other should be better.
If you have a "high-paying job you hate", you probably will have bad performance as you are not even remotely motivated doing good work. If you do so you probably will not have the job for an long time unless your boss does not care about your performance.
On the other hand: Could you really HATE(!) a job which is really good paid? Sounds a bit difficult. Even if you dont like your tasks, the money should make you feel ok-ish about it ... of course unless you have plenty of it below your pillow^^

I prefer a "medium-paying job you quite like" :) (to be realistic) or (to be not as realistiv) a "high-paying job you love".
I guess only few people have the latter one.

I like my job pretty much but the payment is unfortunately below-average. Not bad, but only ok-ish. As I live alone its OK, but I could not feed a family with it alone.