NewGuy said:
Soundwave said:

I think NeoGaf will survive so long as they get it back up soon and focus more on games, which the Malka guy said. The angry admins who left can start a rival board, but all the sales data and tons of past history are archived through NeoGaf, and that's all owned by the Malka guy.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out. 

Focus more on games and the useful OT topics, i.e. box office etc. If you want to have political topics, have it, but be moderate. Have all leftist mods is a recipe for disaster. Have people gang up on any one with a dissenting opinion, threatening them is bizarre. Anyone that questions transgederism is quickly perma banned.

There will be a couple of challengers rising up from this. Neogaf can survive by going back to its basics. Games and moderate OT and they'll be fine.

Yea, I don’t think all of gaf was extreme left, I think anyone that wasn’t knew to stay out of the political discussions. At least that was the situation in my case :)

It always struck me as weird that they said they wanted to foster discussions but only certain discussions.