Lawlight said:
Pagan said:

Vgchartz is not like gaf.

I dont know if the people of vgchartz can verify leakers like bishop on gaf did before.

Neogaf is not only about posting media creates and npd.

It has leakers, sales channel sub forums like the easy allies forum.

Vgchartz is just about numbers and Console wars.

I'd argue that vgchartz had more leakers than GAF this year.

I dont mean NUMBERS when i say leak. I am talking about nate drake(direct feed games) and his NX rumours. Or from emily Rogers. Or eurogamers Ps4Pro leak was leaked before on reddit and gaf. The chinese foxconn worker who described the switch by weight and height and so on. Leaks doesnt mean just numbers. Numbers are Published so or so from NPD. I can wait 7 days longer for the official release. NPD numbers are not huge leaks sorry. Thats just getting 7 days earlier.