I've been both a member of Gaf and VGChartz for awhile, I joined Neogaf almost 5 years ago and I joined VGChartz almost 9 years ago. I can understand some of the animosity posters here have toward Gaf, I never did get the VGChartz hate, But there were a lot of good members who were there, people who just posted about stuff that interested them or things they wanted to share. I never really got involved or posted in the political side of Gaf so I can't speak for them although I did browse a few things. Yes there were shitty people on Gaf, I won't deny that. But there were alot of people there that I liked and will miss hearing their opinions about things. Also the general craziness from things like E3 and Nintendo Directs was fun.

For people talking about SJW or Libtards of Gaf, I know things could get heated in discussion about social topics and people could be aggressive in their posts. For people here who had negative experiences with PoliticalGaf, I can't speak on your experiences, I will say that for some people who posted the way they did, I feel its because they felt hurt. I'm a mexican-american guy and I'm gay, it sucks when I hear stuff negative about Mexicans or LGBT people. There was that flier that was at that school that urged LGBT students to kill themselves, and honestly that hurts, it really does hurt knowing that some people just want me to die. It can get frustrating and I could see people also frustrated post more aggressively or confrontational. I try to be more calm and respectful in my post, cause I know getting to the opposite of that is a sure fire way to turn people away from any cause or stance that you have.

I know that wasn't the case for everyone, hell I know there were times when I felt that people were getting upset over nothing. I know there were plenty of times when people overreacted and I do know people had their biases. I know people could be rude in how they posted and act like they were some how above others or posters in other forums.

Anyway sorry for the long post, just wanted to post my two cents. I haven't posted here in a long while, mostly cause for a time my internet was bad and the ads here made it impossible to navigate. But I have been wanting to post here again, I do enjoy the sales discussion.

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