Nem said:

Oh i just found what this is all about here:

This is all cause he probably got mixed signs and got in the shower with her when they went in a trip as friends. After she said it wasn't ok, he got out and resented her.

It sucks, but i'm not sure this can even be considered Sexual harassment. He didn't actually harass her or touched her from what i understand.


The street harrasment part is the only one that is not ok in my view, if true. But that is verbal abuse, not sexual harassment. Not sure it's even a crime unless it's on the workplace or something, but that is not ok.


Still, i dunno. This doesn't sound like a super unusual or harassment story. It's just how things happen sometimes. Sometimes people make mistakes. Love is complicated.

It's actually really not complicated.

If you feel you're getting mixed signals (which is possibly because people hear what they want to hear) you can say something along the lines of "I really like you", "I'd like to be more than friends", "how do you feel about me", or some such variation on the concept.  These kinds of statements or questions make it clear to the other party that you are interested in a romantic or sexual relationship, and allow them to clarify their intentions.

What you should not do is take barge in on a person completely naked while they're in the shower.  I determined that this course of action is inappropriate with a simple test.  I thought "what would I do if a guy did this to me".  My answer was "I would beat the shit out of them".  Based on this answer, I determined it is reasonable that a woman may feel similarly violated in such a scenario.

By following the simple step of making your intentions known before you take your cock out and walk in on a person during an intimate activity, you can prevent awkward situations, and ensure that there is not a mass exodus from your internet gaming forum.