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ChaosReich said:

I remember during Modern Warfare, i was fucking awesome at tracking and flicking and accuracy in general. Opponents would regularly message me asking if i was running hax cause of how tight my anus.......i mean aiming was. Anyways, fast forward to now and even after 800 hours on overwatch i still suck donkey dick and its pissing me off!

Ive tried everything from experimenting with every single control scheme and setting to playing a user created game mode where i can only hit headshots and nadda, nothing is working. I regularly get out gunned by kids in gold and even silver, i feel derpy as fuck!!

Im aware the console is inferior to pc and even the overwatch aiming system isnt as tight as CODs but still, other players can clearly manage.

So whats likely the cause, im 31 now and during MW i was......younger (not sure when it came out), could that be it, is my brain just having mini strokes, help please

Na BS I'm 45 and I'll drop in to MW3 once and a while and I still place 1st place. I think it has more to due with boots on the ground. Currently I don't place at the top in games with jetpacks, exco suits, wall running etc. Looking forward to COD WWII. I also have not put the hours in like I did in MW3 so that might have something to do with it also, guess I'll see.