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ChaosReich said:
The Fury said:
Turn on aim assist?

Dude, ive played over 800 hours, do u seriously think i didnt consider that lol


I once tried to play a game without aim assist. Was so weird. Thing is, if they never added aim assist to any game from the start, console gamers wouldn't care or notice as over time we'd just get used to how we aim with dual sticks. Adding it has essentially made us lazy gamers.

That said, I can't snipe in Overwatch at all, Widowmaker is my worst character because it requires looking down the scope and shooting and half the time I end up accidentily pressing R3 and I can't utilise the aim assist as well as other people (they do that weird movement thing and get an instant headshit while I just tickle their knee).

Hmm, pie.