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Errorist76 said:

You probably don’t have kids if you really deny that we’re rapidly speeding processes up. No, I don’t want to understand your ignorant kind. You’re cancer to humanity.

Ooh, you have me scared now ... /sarcasm 

What are you gonna do ? Continue using more of your feelings in an argument like how anti-intellectual's would ? LOL ... (Can't put up any facts to back up any of your crap ?)

Teeqoz said:

I agree that global warming is a relatively short term problem in the grand scheme of all humanity's history, past and future, but that doesn't mean I'm going to gloss over the possible shorter term humanitarian consequences.

Yes but those consequences don't necessarily have to be all or a net detriment ... 

Even NASA is willing to admit that higher CO2 concentrations and temperatures than before benefits plant life so far shows this ... (climate change is and was never a doomsday scenario to begin with as we literally don't have enough reserves/deposits to create a runaway greenhouse gas effect, the most likely doomsday scenario was our sun progressing into a red giant but even that isn't for another billion or so years)