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Forza is likely doing fine, it's just that gamers in the US don't seem to care as much about racing sims this gen as they did in the Gran Turismo 3 days. Still, the game is selling quite well on and it looks like it's selling well on Best Buy's website, as well. I do think that Forza Horizon 3 catapulted that series above the regular Forzas in terms of popularity, however. The negative word of mouth building up on the web against its use of loot boxes might not help, though I doubt that will have much effect on the mainstream consumers. 


On another subject entirely, I'm a bit puzzled by what Sony is doing. The 1tb bundle seems to be doing fine on websites other than Amazon (on Best Buy it's currently the best-selling console, for example), but they just released a Fifa 1tb bundle exclusively for Walmart. Normally other retailers would receive similar bundles (i.e. Horizon or NBA or Destiny 2, perhaps), but as it is, Sony isn't even shipping the 1tb bundle to Amazon. Either they're really holding their cards for the holiday or else they're pretty content with their profit margins until the CoD WW2 bundle releases next month.