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Bandorr said:
ThisGuyFooks said:


Can we talk about how Forza 7 is performing?

Im shocked to be honest.

No. 74? Really?

I'm going with - the X1X.

It clouds up the options.

1) Buy Forza and just have it sit there for two months. In essence wasting money on it.

2) Buy Forza for XB1, then later on play it on X1X.  If people are excited to play Forza on the X1X, then I don't think they want to "lessen" the experience on the XB1.

3) Wait until November and buy it then.

I'm going with 3.

What are the november games Forza 7 could be competing with then?

I think it has it easier this month than next for the game to sell the most.

Do you think it will sell more, or less than Forza Motorsport 6? (1.99m)