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Ariakon said:
poklane said:

$349, probably wont do shit.

I expect that to get cut down to $249 (500gb) and $299 (1 tb) within a few weeks of release, if not the day of release. Still, it will be a good black Friday bundle. 


On another (completely unrelated) note, I've been seeing Switch stock in nearly every store I visit. I realize that may not be representative of the whole, but I wouldn't be surprised if Switch has an unexpectedly huge October. 

Doubt they will cut it to 250 and 299 but if they do, I doubt it will have a terribly significant impact.  They've overplayed that card.  

And yeah, Switch stock seems very stable right now.  But it's not too unexpected, Pokken closed out September, Fire Emblem Warriors launches later this month, Mario Odyssey closes it out, the Holidays are approaching.  All that combined - especially Odyssey - makes it a sensible time for them to start pushing as much stock as they can.