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Bandorr said:
RJ_Sizzle said:

I doubt it. The PC version of the game is having issues performance wise and word is getting out. I could see Forza doing well in the UK, but maybe it's just franchise fatigue here. Forza is a pack in kind of game anyway. 

Yeah I hear Forza is only running on I think one core? Plus they can't exactly like that loot boxes are being crammed in there.

from amazon: (Verified Purchase only comments)

"Money grab by Turn 10. Graphics are better, but gameplay and car tuning are significant steps backwards. It feels more like the Porsche and NASCAR expansion packs than a full on (and full price) new releases such as:
Many "in-game" items are hidden and unavailable unless you spend in-game $ to buy loot crates. For example, I spent $300,000 to "win" a $200,000 car.
Night races (especially Spa and Le Mans) are darn near unplayable because you can't even see the track.
You can't upgrade cars without taking them "out of homologulation" which won't allow you to race them in their designed classes."

"An easy 4 stars as a racing game but against previous installments this is not up to par. No real improvement in graphics. Nice to have Maple Valley back but tracks are lacking. Call me crazy but I have always loved the music in Forza but this is unbearable. Lame rock song that has no sound or melody that plays over and over again. Sorry to say the first Forza title I wish I had not purchased."


"Let me start off by saying I have been hyped for this game for quite a while and, being a pretty loyal Forza fan, I was really looking forward to playing this game. Absolutely loved Forza 2 and was happy with but not overly attached to Forza 6 and horizons 3. I'm not a avid video gamer, but I AM a avid Motörhead. And to say I'm done paying for Forza Games is an Understatement. I am absolutely dumbfounded at how this game has passed as "new" or "better". It is literally Forza 6, with the cartoon aspect type graphics of Horizons, and the glitchyness and sound quality of the original Xbox. Without even getting through the opening races, the game crashed out 5 times. Im not even sure what to say about that. Fluke? Brand new game? Still loading at 98%? I'm not sure but I can't remember a game recently that has done that to me under the same circumstances."


Not everyone is happy with this Forza.