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irstupid said:
Faelco said:

I hope you're joking (we can never be sure these days). Otherwise you compare blindly 2 different games and think that this comparison is worth something? That's not how it works.


Like I said, crappy games sell like crap. If Capcom releases good games on PS4, they will sell well, like all the huge sellers that we've seen lately on this console. 

Too bad that is not how executives think. They see their game selling bad on a system and their conclusion is one of two things.

1. The franchise is dead/caput, make no more of said game.

2. Our games don't sell well on that system, move to another system.

No where do they think, "hmm, if only we made the game better, or had less microtransaction woudl it sell better"

BTW, I heard that one of the big reasons for Worlds on consoles is because they feel that they can do microtransactions more on that system versus on handhelds. SO don't be surprised if we soon hear about some of that fun stuff closer to release. You know how WB ruined Shadow of War and NBA 2k18 is ruined by micro's.

Not always. Especially for some japanese developers that take pride in their work.

A good example is FFXIV. The original release was a travesty and really put a dent in their pride.  They wanted to show that they could make an acceptable game and redid the entire thing, despite the costs.