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I prefer the N64 for that generation.

I prefer the PS2, over Xbox, then Gamecube for the following generation.

I prefer Xbox 360, over PS3, then Wii for that generation.

Wii U generation marks the first nintendo console I do not own.

I own an Xbox One and not a PS4, and all I can say is lol. The Xbox One is trash. Literally the only playable games are last gen b/c. It's really pathetic how terrible modern gaming is. Even games like Titanfall got a LOT worse in Titanfall 2, and honestly Destiny 2 is a joke. I cannot believe people give that game a pass. I guess the Switch might be great, but it really is not for me. I just feel the whole industry has abandoned people who like cinematic immersive gaming...because microtransactions and easy gameplay makes people happy. As for multiplayer games, none of them are competitive anymore because that just pushes people away. At least in FPS and action games that are immersive. Overwatch is a cartoonish game and DOOM imo has awful multiplayer, but I'm not talking that style of game. 

Console wars don't matter to me so much when the entire industry is copying each other in ways I do not like: again microtransactions, dumbing down of gameplay, formulaic changes rather than actual risks.