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VGPolyglot said:
irstupid said:

If you want to take the time to make a list of 508 games on the PS1 that you consider worth playing, versus just admitting I'm right, go ahead.


    And there you go!! Over 508 games And I skipped over some games because I was getting kind of tired of doing this. And before you respond:
    1. You said you don't care about the Metascore. I'm not sure why you said that, but it made things easier for me!
    2. You said 1998 me. For one, I was only 0 in 98, so I ignored that. I also included games post-1998
    Now, I expect you to make a list of every PS1 and N64 games, and organize them by good/shit, in order to prove your ratios!


    Damn dude, you actually delivered.