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VGPolyglot said:
irstupid said:

The console that is winning ends up with a ton of junk. For instance, my parents once purchased me family fued for christmas. Was like 4 other junk games too, but dno't recal names. They had a Wii, and they owned like 10 workout games, a bunch of dancing and music games

But there is a ton of shit purchased by causals, such as spongebob games.

It's not like the N64 didn't have junk either. Superman 64, Carmageddon 64, Daikatana, etc. The N64 also had a lot of sports games.

This thread is full of lists. Just as the list of PS1 games that are good is 5x longer than N64, the list of bad games on the PS1 compared ot N64 is 50x longer.