vivster said:
You cannot complain that there is no competition on the market when you yourself completely isolate yourself from it. You were the one completely splitting the market by tethering your device to your console. So either allow other HMDs to work with PS4 or bring your HMD to PC or shut the fuck up.

There is no competition on the market because you want it so and you god damn know it.

I think what they mean by there's no competition on the market is that the Rift and Vive don't bother marketing or lowering prices quickly enough to move units. Whether they bring PSVR to the PC, or allow the Rift/Vive on PS4 the result is the same. PSVR still winds up dominating the market, because the other options are either too expensive or too inferior to compete. 

The sentence below is false. 
The sentence above is true.