Barozi said:
VR needs far more games. It's extremely under supported, just like Kinect and PS Move last gen.
Some indie games and dumbed down VR modes in other games won't do much.

I won't complain if more games came out yet I can hardly keep up with what's available since launch and have been skipping plenty stuff. Support is far better than Kinect and Move. I have bought over 50 titles already, some with VR modes, some completely playable in VR, most exclusively made for VR. OR and Vive games get released on PSVR too, as well the other way around. Cross play between PSVR Vive and OR is working perfectly fine.

What VR needs is damn lazy review sites to actually start reviewing VR games. Most of the time the only resource available is watching a live stream on release day to get an idea what a game is like. Or check Steam user reviews if it is a port.

Anyway here's a list of released and upcoming games
Withing 1 year the list is already far longer than Move and Kinect compatible games. Plus they're all different, while the Kinect and Move list have many repetitions like Dance game variants.

Extremely under supported... #PSVRhasnogamez.