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Aura7541 said:
Jaxyfoo said:
Tag. No doubt we won't get numbers again. Thanks to the people who came into last month's thread to attack the sources....

That and ethomaz thinking it was a good idea to post the numbers on GAF.

Honestly I don't get what the issue is with these "sources" we have. I have always found them to be a bunch of emos that seem to be super sensitive and delicate and take shit too personally. 

You wanna leak something, do it..... let everyone else tear themselves apart and make themselves look stupid. If I were them, I personally would laugh at everyone in my head that says the numbers are fake.

And call me crazy; but am I the only one that knows that this being an open site would mean there  will be people that come on just to piss on the numbers simply cause they are here and not "there".