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Ariakon said:
poklane said:

Switch won


  • “Sony’s PlayStation 4 continues to be the best-selling hardware platform year to date.”
  • But while the Switch and PlayStation 4 are doing great, hardware sales overall dropped 6 percent year-over-year to $168 million. That’s because the Xbox One and older systems like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are dragging down sales relative to last August. Sales of the Xbox One are slowing down because Microsoft is preparing to launch the upgraded Xbox One X system November 7, so consumers are likely holding back until that is available.

Not a surprise, last August was the launch of the S. I have to imagine the Xbox One was down quite a bit, just judging by the last few NPDs. 

Yup, with the S launching last year and XB1 sales falling off a clif the last few months it wouldn't surprise me at all if sales are down over 50% YoY. Last year was 275k, below 137k sounds quite possible to me.