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PEEPer0nni said:
vivster said:
Too bad. Might have checked it out on PC.

Wouldn't it be great if there was just one platform? Then everyone could enjoy every game.

Surprising to see such a comment on this type of website. Only pc gamers feel entitled to have all the games in the world. I've never seen a ps owner bitching about Zelda not being on PS4.

Because console players are used to exclusivity and have already been taught well by their platform overlords that wanting choice is a no no. Because choice means less money for their platform overlords and that makes them owy.

Also, I don't know what about wanting to play all games without being forced through arbitrary hoops is entitlement. As if exclusivity isn't an inherently consumer unfriendly scheme to squeeze out more money and forcing people into an eco system.

Yeah, but show me a single console owner that would rather play exclusive games on another platform than the one they already own. Look at how happy Switch owners are about all the ports. Could it be that it's a good thing to get more games on the platform you own? Nah, that's just stupid entitlement. We must be beholden to the platform holders. And when they say we cannot have a game because they say so, we should be damn well pleased with that. And if we complain, it's down into the console dungeon where we will be flailed by proprietary controllers that use generic APIs but will for some magic reason not work on other platforms. AND WE WILL BE GOD DAMN HAPPY ABOUT THAT!

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