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stewacide said: "11:08 a.m.: He's moved on to pictures of games gone by. He compares the best selling games of 1998 -- Goldeneye, Ocarina, Gran Turismo, Super Mario 64 -- to today's top sellers -- GTA, Madden, Halo 2, ESPN NFL2K5. Oh no"
Interesting... 11:07 AM PST - Miyamoto began to wonder if people still wanted “his” games. His focus today is a grand one – the Nintendo difference. 11:08 AM PST - Miyamoto is talking about his wife. He says that games like Mario and Pac-man didn’t “grab” her. He says, at the time, he thought Tetris would surely get her. But it didn’t. His daughter, meanwhile, would play Ocarina of Time all the time, and his wife would watch. Then she got into Animal Crossing. A graphical Wii-o-meter on the screen continues to rise, illustrating the reach games are having. 11:11 AM PST - Miyamoto brings up the Everybody Votes channel, looking at the poll about dogs versus cats. Miyamoto says dogs are better, his wife says cats are. Now there’s a picture of his six-year-old dog. The dog’s face looks like a “guitar,” and his name is “Pick.” “He sleeps on a better mattress than I do,” he says.