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Welp, as a result of Ryan Tannehill's knee injury, Jay Cutler has signed a one year deal with the Dolphins. This seems to indicate a couple of things.

#1: Tannehill is likely out for a significant period of time. We still don't have any official word on what the injury is (other than it's to his knee), but $10 million isn't an amount teams typically throw around for someone they aren't even sure will play.

#2: Someone influential on the Dolphins, be it Adam Gase, Chris Grier, or perhaps even Stephen Ross, thinks Miami is capable of competing for a Super Bowl now. Matt Moore's stats aren't significantly worse than Cutler's, but Cutler does have a lot more experience as a starting QB, especially in the postseason. This doesn't seem like a move you would make unless you have a roster that you think is capable of making a deep playoff run, and just need an experienced QB to not screw things up in the playoffs. Looking at the Dolphins currently...I don't see anything to generate that level of optimism.