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mZuzek said:
HomokHarcos said:
How does the general public in Brazil feel about the high amounts of money Neymar is being offered?

I don't care. I mean, obviously I envy him since I'd be making a happy living with 1% (or less) of his wage, but really, I don't care and neither should I, or anyone else. It's his money, he got there by doing his job well and working in a very, very, very large business that pays equally large amounts of money. It's also worth noting such a large business is a lot harder to get to the top of - people who complain about athletes' wages don't really realize just how many thousands, or even millions of people are struggling to get there, or at least somewhere close.

Really, the amount of athletes who go all the way and end up getting paid insane wages like these, they're probably only like the top 1% (or less) of their job category. It's no different from any other profession, the only difference is the media attention.

That's one thing I like about sports. It does feel like a meritocracy, where the people who get paid the most are actually the best.


It is said though that the Campeonato Brasileiro (and many other leagues in South America and Eastern Europe) are getting weaker due to them all moving.