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mZuzek said:
BraLoD said:

It would take me 280 months of my salary to get 700K, more than 500 months for someone that gets paid the mininum wage.

700K in a decade (120 months) would average almost 6K a month, which is A LOT more than most people (like 70% or more) get paid over here.

700K would average almost 60K a month, it's what I would make with two full years in my current job.

700K is more than enough to any person with a small family live in decent conditions for a decade here.

...let alone a single person, which was my point.

Ah, guys, I think I didn't make myself clear... it's enough for living for sure, but not for living well. That's my point, but I guess I didn't express myself well. For example: a good pair of shirts, or a sweater, etc. can easily cost you 6k BRL, that's what I mean. 6K means a very modest life.

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