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I looked around quickly for this topic, couldnt find it.


Im going to just paste the original article found here


Marketing students take heed - it's much easier to obtain an endorsement for your product from a true legend of rock and roll after they've been dead for a couple decades. To celebrate the two live Guitar Hero performances taking place at this year's Isle of Wight music festival, Activision has added a few "improvements" to the bronze stature of Jimi Hendrix located at the island's Dimbola Lodge, converting Jimi's guitar into a Guitar Hero controller.

Blasphemy, or marketing genius? For me it comes off as being in slightly bad taste, but your results may vary. I do have to wonder what comes next? Will EA dig up The Who's drummer Keith Moon and plunk him down in front of a plastic drum set? Of course not, Keith Moon was cremated. A pile of ashes sitting in front of Rock Band drums would look ridiculous.


Again, sorry if its been posted, but this kind of disgusted me, wanted to share the pain. Truly, they have not only killed the franchise for me, but they have made me personally hate them.

I own all three current consoles and a great gaming rig, now thats out of the way.

This space Reserved for the Nuggets of Wisdom dropped by Bladeforce:

"Why post something like this when all it will get is PS3 owners blinded to reality replying? BOTH THE PS3 AND BLUE-RAY WILL NOT LAST 3 YEARS! TECHNOLOGY CHANGED TOO FAST!"

"is it Wii FIt that has sold as many as PS3's sold? Thats a LOL Look at the total sales of software is it just me that sees Nintendo titles hitting 10m+ and you say they arent making a difference? Another LOL!"

"Hell, with all the negative hype Sony spin, people just aren't interested cost is too high and to get the true HD experience (1080p, 7.1 surround) you will need a $1000+ system. THAT IS GOING TO DO IT IN A RECESSION! PS4 will not happen"