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Jigsawx1 said:
Slownenberg said:
I voted for second half 2020, but I could see it being first half 2020 or maybe even holidays 2019. I think its pretty much a race to 50 million. Xbox will be limping across 50 million in 2020, getting ready for a new xbox, while Switch is blowing by 50 million around the same time. After this year Switch should be doing 15-20+ million a year, so yeah early 2020 it should pass 50 million and it should be past xbox by that point.

So you think it will sell better then the Ps4? why it is behind the ps4 in weekly?

If the switch continous ( I dont think that) to outsell the Xone by 70k a week it would need  ~ 7 years to close the gap..........


My opinion is that the switch and Wiiu combined will be behind the Xone by 10 million after this "generation" so when the starting system dont get new gaming content.

And that the Xbox is at 50 million in the mid of 2020 is a very low prediction because it is selling ~9 million units per year so normally it should be around 55 million in the mid of 2020


ummm, are you for real?!

First bold part: Switch is very supply constrained, as we all know. It sells out everywhere (maybe not europe) within hours of restock. It's very hard to find. Current weekly sales are artificially low.

Second bold part: uhhhh, that's just insane. You think xbox is going to beat Switch and Wii U combined??!?!?! And by 10 million at that! hahahahaha What world are you living in? Guess you haven't noticed Switch sold 4+ million in 3 months despite it being sold out worldwide the entire time. Xbox just hit 30 million and it is dying.

Which brings me to the third bolded part: Xbox has sold all of 2 million consoles WW in the first 5 months of this year. It ain't getting close to 9 million, and it'll be even worse in the years to come. It **might** hit 7 million this year. It's dying.