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StarDoor said:
konnichiwa said:

For me it is the same as saying (does anyone think it seriously will outsell it).  We simply can't know yet what the holiday sales will be for Xone/Switch Great sure but who wins what will the gap be? So how can we know what 18-20 will be?

Do you really expect the Switch to go from outselling the XOne 2-1 in the middle of the year to being behind in the holidays?

I am here 10 years and I saw threads as 'PS3/Xbox30 will not sell 50 million, Wii will outsell PS2 and Wiiu can outsell xone..(where wiiU was outselling xone for weeks etc) Considering the x + black friday is always good for xbox  I don't see why it is sure that during the holidays Switch will outsell the Xone.