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Lauster said:
Pemalite said:

It is Anti-Consumer when it is blatant neglect and disregard for it's consumers and their information.

Sony's incompetence with it's security at that time was extremely stupid. Thankfully they have rectified it, but it was a *massive* lesson that was taught to the entire industry.
I will not accept excuses. That would be silly.

I get it... you can't answer my questions, repeat the same mantra tirelessly, and it seems you see excuses from someone for this hack when there is not.

Well, have a good day, and keep up your crusade sir.


I have repeated the same mantra, because it's an appropriate response. Don't like it? Stiff.

Lauster said:
The concept here is called Client Data Security Fault, it can be punished by law but is not related to anti-consumer practises.

Sony being hacked was entirely it's own fault. That's the ultimate difference here.

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