Zoombael said:
KLAMarine said:

Killer Instinct is coming to Steam soon: https://www.engadget.com/2017/06/19/killer-instinct-coming-to-steam/

This is after Quantum Break came to Steam some time before: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/quantum-break-coming-to-steam/1100-6442517/

It's not much but it's a start. I can't see this as anything but a good thing for the consumer and Microsoft deserves props for moves like these.

It depends. Prior to Killer Instinct getting ported to PC, the game was ONLY playable on XBox 1. Now with a PC port, people have more choice with regards to what platform to get the game on. If someone prefers their fighters on console over PC and love physical media then the console version is the way to go. If they want it on PC because they don't want to pay the yearly subscription or whatever then PC is the way to go.

The consumer has more choice now than when KI was X1 exclusive.

I'm seeing more choice. Prior to Killer Instinct coming to PC, it was ONLY available on X1. Now with it coming to Steam soon, its availability is greater than ever and someone looking to play it can now choose from more hardware on which to play it on.

They can play it on X1 because they like playing games on their wide screen while sitting on their big couch or on their PC because they like using their DS4 or Switch Pro Controller for gaming.


Props to ya Microsoft. This is some pro-consumer stuff. Well done.

Again, that is why I said "here's to Microsoft becoming more competitive against Steam".

More choice in the sea of mediocre games. Sssplendid.


Zoombael said:

The irrefutable pro of exclusives, is the motivation to exceed and enhance the common standard with variety, quality and innovation, to promote and sell a platform to a targeted audience. Sony does it, Nintendo does it. Microsoft doesn't do it.

With outsourcing "exclusives" to other platforms the incentive for costumers to buy a console and the support of the platform holder, is cancelled out. A severe lack of prominent and original games/IPs is and always was an indicator, that Microsoft doesn't have an understanding of the nature of console hardware. As the majority of the games community. With even big IPs (Halo and Gears of War) being less well received as their predecessors, lacking in quality, it is clear that they don't have the intention to make a competitive stand and try to contribute with meaningful highlights, pushing the medium video games forward as a whole. 

Not sure I'm following the logic here. If you're saying that Microsoft porting their otherwise XBox-exclusive games to Windows will discourage Microsoft from supporting XBox or investing in new IP, I counter that developing for XBox means not only supporting XBox but also supporting Windows as well and increasing the likelihood of XBox owners who don't care for PC gaming paying for online play.

Zoombael said:

More competitive against Steam? I suppose this a good thing in your humble opinion. And how is this suppose to work out when the majority of "exlusives" come to Steam anyway?

Microsoft trying to set up a PC storefront of their own gives people more choice when it comes to what digital storefront to buy their PC games from. Gives developers more storefronts out of which to sell their games as well.

Zoombael said:

Pro consumer? An empty plattitude, not considering consequences. Pretending as if publishing games on multiple platforms is a blessing and universal guarantee. The high percentage of failing multiplatform games prove otherwise.

Plenty of exclusive franchises that don't get sequels either or suffered declining sales as well.

Zoombael said:

But, actually i don't mind Microsofts recent course that much. Since there is the possibillity of falling flat on their noses and/or staying out of the way of those who understand this business.

I don't mind it either. Anything that supports PC gaming is great in my book and it's not like XBox exclusives are rendered unplayable when they are ported to Windows.