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Turkish said:
I'd say it's the PS1, PS2 and PS4. Nintendo hasn't done anything that was significant on a global level. The crash only happened in America and Nes was only significant there, in Europe they had their own games and of course there was Sega. The Wii also didn't broaden the industry, all the new people it brought didn't stick around and become gamers.

PS1 and PS2 broadened the industry to hundreds of millions and achieved new heights in install bases.

PS4 probably saved the industry from a crash. Back around 2011-2013 the appeal of mobile was especially yuuge, the Wii U failed, big publishers took a wait and see approach on the next gen, it explains why the early years of Gen 8 were so barren. But the PS4 sold and recovered confidence in the traditional gaming industry.

Is this post a joke?!


The only Sony console worthy of that title was the overrated PS2 just because of its sales, The NES saved the gaming industry in the states, The N64 is a more important console than any of the Sony consoles and one of the most important consoles in the history of console gaming, you need to take off your Sony rose tinted spectacles, your PS4 is just an upgraded PS1, and i didn't even have a N64, i had a Playstation.