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ktay95 said:
RavenXtra said:
You Still Can't Pre-Order The Super NES Classic In The US, And This Could Be Why

"So why hasn't the SNES Mini got this approval yet? One possible reason is that getting FCC approval would lead to an early leak; let's be honest, it's not like a modest device like this would struggle to get the approval.
This might go some way to explaining why GameStop, Toys 'R Us and Target are not yet listing the Super NES Classic and why Amazon US, Walmart and Best Buy only have placeholder pages. It seems many US-based retailers have policies about not listing products without the all-important FCC approval. Microsoft has recently stated that the lack of FCC approval is the reason that the Xbox One X can't be pre-ordered yet, so this might not seem as farfetched it as sounds."

Really annoying if true, I just want to be able to pre-order one of these things already D:

Lol cant even preorder a confirmed to be releasing product but here in Australia we can preorder tech demoes

No I'm not joking Zelda WiiU was up for preorder since the day that tech demo was shown off, before the WiiU even released.

Yep lol

I thought it would be the same for the big countries. I guess not

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