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Bandorr said:
Is amazon having trouble with Xbox one stock?
The "highest" two in stock cost almost $300 and are being sold by third party sellers.  *???  Minecraft is 233$, BF1 260$

Yet if they were selling out fast enough to have to resort to third party sellers they wouldn't be sitting at #120th. *#160

So did Amazon just decide not to re-supply after they sold the xbox ones they had?

Most of the month (may & june) they have barely been in the top100, and that wasnt due to stock.


 It looks like they are replaceing the Xbox One S battlefield 1 (#218) bundle though, its down to 7 units atm at 260$.

However the most popular Xbox One S bundle (minecraft) (#160) is 233$ and they still have plenty of stock.

Xbox One is just not selling very much atm.


edit: You can actually get a brand new Xbox One for 228$ with the gears of war bundle (non s version). Its the fat ugly model though,.... the Xbox One S is much sexier, that you get in the minecraft bundle (and white model too) for just 5$ more.