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KLAMarine said:
Aeolus451 said:

I agree that the switch shortages could have more than one cause or that it's unintentional but then again, the odds that nintendo is using scarcity marketing to help sell the switch is very high considering nintendo's extensive history with  short- *cough scarcity marketing *cough -ages. I'm not looking just at the switch shortages to come up with the idea that nintendo has used and is still using scarcity marketing.

Now I have another question for you: how many of these previous shortages have been confirmed to be instances of scarcity marketing and how were they confirmed to be instances of scarcity marketing?

That's what I'm curious about. People here and there said a few stories in regards to Nintendo pulling off artificial shortages. But what was really going on during the days of the NES? Was it a product of the time when the US Video Game Crash affected how Nintendo operated in NA? Did we, as gamers and fans of Nintendo and their IPs, anticipated the success of amiibo before Nintendo? Did anyone anticipate the Wii's overwhelming success? Or the DS Lite's, especially when the original DS didn't necessarily got off to a good start?

There could've been a lot of factors affecting sales of some of Nintendo's products outside of artificial shortages. Whether true or not, there's usually more to a story right?